3 Office Printing Trend in 2019

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Although the paper will still stay in the workplace in 2019, we can expect to see services start to approach workplace printing differently over the next 12 months. Here are the emerging office printing patterns of 2019 to be familiar with:

  1. Enhanced Print Security With information theft growing, cybersecurity is leading of mind for the majority of services. The most apparent reason why print devices are attractive for cyber lawbreakers is that their hard disk drives frequently store delicate data. However, thieves likewise target print gadgets as they can offer network access in the very same way that other IoT-type devices do.
  2. More Print and Digital Integrated Workflows While the idea of a paperless workplace is appealing for lots of entrepreneurs, it might not be reasonable yet. Paper will continue to contribute with the requirement for physical signatures, receipt of paper interactions, and client choices for paper. However, in the coming year, we can expect to see a blend of print and digital workflows to help streamline operations.
  3. Cloud-Delivered MPS Becomes More Popular While cloud-delivered MPS is not new, it will become more prominent in 2019. With this innovation, SMBs will be able to gain access to mobile, document workflow, and security innovation that they may not have been able to afford formerly. When integrating the cloud with intelligent MFP technology, SMBs can benefit from affordable solutions for safe material management, partnership, storage, retrieval, circulation, and more. Provided these advantages, we can expect that there will be an increased need for cloud-delivered MPS, and even standard MPS companies will expand their services into the cloud.